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This site contains reference material to help with the installation and configuration of Compliance Tracker 365 for SharePoint Online and Teams.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Please contact us to find out more about options to try, buy or apply your license.

How is it licensed?

Compliance Tracker 365 is licensed based on the number of people, sites and tracker types. For a single person, site and tracker, prices start at $1 USD per person per month. Each additional site, person or tracker type increases the cost by $1 per month.

Can I pre-purchase licenses?

Yes, licenses can be repurchased up to 3 years in advance to lock in costs.

How are licensed users calculated?

Licenses are calculated based on the number of people with terms in the User Profile list. If you exceed your licensed user count, the administrator will start to see a message immediately. If you do not purchase additional licenses, all users will start to see a message when the number of active users exceeds 5% of the number of licensed users.

Do you offer support or consulting services to assist with the setup or for larger project?

SharePoint Gurus are the developers of Compliance Tracker 365. We are based in Sydney and offer services remotely. Compliance Tracker 365 is easy to setup with basic SharePoint admin knowledge however if you need a hand understanding the concepts, contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction. If you need additional support or would like to discuss Compliance Tracker as part of a larger project, get in touch with your requirements for a quote.

How do I request enhancements?

If you have an idea, suggestion, or enhancement, send them to us via the contact form. All enhancements are published to our roadmap accessible from the Change Log.

Is data stored outside of my tenant?

No, all data is stored inside your own tenant.

Can Terms be shared across sites?

Yes, terms can be shared across sites. The first site to connect to the term group becomes the master site to manage profiles using the Terms.

Can Terms be renamed?

Yes, terms can be renamed however it may take a while for them to be fully synchronised across documents, pages, and profiles. The recommended approach is to reindex the library where the Terms have been used to speed up the synchronisation process.

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