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June 2024

  • - Patch release to workaround an issue in SharePoint search whereby DocId is no longer sortable.
  • - Deprecation of Tracker web part (remains hidden until v4 release when it will be removed). Replaced with Tracker in the footer of each page. New Tracker options including an Info panel used to configure tracker behaviour and apply localisation text per tracker. Site based localisation text will need to be reapplied. Minor bug fixes.

May 2024

  • - Update to SPFx framework 1.18. Minor fixes.

April 2024

  • - Management screen check added to wait until configuration indexed. Minor bug fixes.

March 2024

  • - Minor release to remove unused properties from web parts.

February 2024

  • - Addition of Search index status check to Management > Reports page. Minor bug fixes.

January 2024

  • - Add Expiry Date to Tracker with countdown displayed in My Reads if expiry within 14 days. Report updated with Export to Excel and CSV (Excel export requires API approval), improved processing plus styling and Revoke option. Access to file reports directly within libraries. Bug fixes and performance improvements.


November 2023

  • - Automated issuing of a trial license. App integration into library toolbars. More accurate tracking of read and view durations. Warning added for out of sync search indexes. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

October 2023

  • - Support for Profile updates in mobile view. Management link added to Site Reports page. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

August 2023

  • - Update to My Reads web part to display a button if changes detected when hidden on page. Update to My Profile to support data refresh. General speed improvements and bug fixes. Search queries reset to 500 to improve performance.

April 2023

  • - Release to reduce search queries from 500 to 250 to workaround an issue observed in the search service.
  • – Improved File Reader layout, Week and Quarter added to Site Reports, streamlined installation, minor bug fixes. Note: The File Reader layout has changed. To apply the new layout, select reconfigure from Manage > App

February 2023

  • – Profile management solution scheduler, cross site collection reports, bug fixes and performance improvements.

January 2023

  • – Performance and reporting improvements


November 2022

  • – View logging

April 2022

  • – Quiz tracker

May 2022

  • – Feedback tracker


Dec 2021

  • Updated SPFx version
  • Fixed issue with accessibility with ratings

Nov 2021

First public release

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