Note: From v3.x, the Tracker web part is replaced with the Tracker in the footer as outlined below.

The Tracker is displayed on any page where targeting terms match a users profile. It is also used to track documents displayed in the File Reader.

Based on roles and permissions, different options are displayed in the Actions menu. For a general visitor, they may only see a Confirm read button and a Continue button once read.

For site members and owners with roles, additional options will be visible including the Info panel

Info panel

The Info panel is accessible to everyone with a role defined in the Management > Roles tab.


The Properties tab is used to update Compliance Tracker specific values. This includes the Mandatory and Optional targeting terms, plus the Tracker Type.


The Reports tab provides access to standard file reports to quickly see who has and has not read the page, along with option to review Feedback or Revoke reads.


The Tracker tab is used to customise the behaviour of the Tracker.
Default values are referenced from the Management > Tracker tab.


The Localisation tab is used to personalise the messages displayed in the Tracker. These values are only used to the individual page.
Default values are referenced from the Management > Localisations tab.

If content approval workflows are enabled in the library, the page should be Saved as draft and published using the standard options. This approach allows select of an appropriate approval workflow.