Deploy PnP Search

To implement PnP Modern Search integration, both the PnP Modern Search web part and the Compliance Tracker 365 PnP Search Extension need to be downloaded and installed.

Download the two apps packages:
Install PnP Modern Search and the Search Extension

The web parts can be uploaded to either the tenant or a site collection app catalogue, the same as the Compliance Tracker 365 app.

To deploy the Compliance Tracker 365 PnP Modern Search Extension

  • Upload the spg-pnp-search-extn-ct365.sppkg file to the App Catalogue
  • Always select the option to Enable this app and add it to all sites regardless on the type of app catalogue used.
Add PnP Modern Search to a site

If the PnP Modern Search web part was deployed to manually add to sites:

  • Open the site where the web parts are to be used
  • Choose New > App from the home page or from Site contents
  • Click add as per the image below


Next, add your first template to show unread News.