Tracker Types

Compliance Tracker 365 targets content using tags. The Tracker Type used works in conjunction with the Mandatory, Optional, Refresher Days and Version Number properties to determine how targeted content is tracked. All Trackers record every page visit with view durations for analysis in reports.


The Hidden tracker records visits to targeted content without a visible message. Useful to tracker general reading of pages and documents.
The Hidden tracker records a Read the first time the page is visited, then views are recorded for each subsequent visit.


The Automatic tracker automatically records when a person has visited the page. The tracker in the footer is visible but does not need to be manually acknowledged. Useful to bring attention to the content, informing the reader that their visit is acknowledged. The automatic tracker continuously records how long a person has been viewing the page.


The Read tracker is used when people must actively acknowledge they have read the content. Useful to help people see important Policies, Procedures or Work Instructions, and to ensure they have been read and acknowledged.

When the Read button is clicked, the actual read time on the page is recorded for analysis.


The Feedback tracker is used to collect content ratings and feedback. Useful when ‘facts’ in content change regularly. Allows reader to provide inline feedback to improve the quality and reliability of information.


Feedback must be reviewed to allow an individual to provide further feedback on the same page.

To allows continuous Feedback, set the Management or Info panel > Tracker settings to Show footer if read or no action required.

Reviews can be done using the Feedback pending review report.


The Quiz tracker is used to validate content understanding with a quiz. Useful to assess peoples understand of Policies, Procedures, Work Instructions or any content which may need to be tracked to confirm understanding and compliance.


The Quiz tracker records information when it is completed including if a person has been passed the quiz.