Application Lists and Pages

The following lists are created by Compliance Tracker 365 during the App installation. The lists are all maintained via web parts and should not be modified directly. General access to the lists content has been restricted via modified Views.

  • …/lists/CTSGConfig (CT Config - Used to store configuration options)
  • …/lists/CTSGLog (CT Log - Contains folders for each person to track content reads and views)
  • …/lists/CTSGProfileImport (CT Profile Import - Profile Import configuration options)
  • …/lists/CTSGUserProfile (CT User Profile - Profiles list)

Application pages

  • …/sitepages/CTFiles (Folder used to store application pages)

If this folder is deleted, follow the App Configuration steps.


As part of the installation, permissions and advanced settings are applied to the CT Log list. Permissions are set to allow Visitors to contribute to the logs. Advanced permissions are set to only allow visitors to update their own log entries.

The CT365 Management Solution is available to further restrict access to content in the CT Log list. The solution sets permissions on each person’s log folder to restrict access to the individual and the site Owners and Members.