The Flows tab is used to enable the CT365 Management Solution for the site. The solution must be deployed first for this tab to take effect.

Sites which share profiles will have their profile management schedule based on the main parent site, if the parent site is processing profiles. Enhanced security and Feedback Flow can be applied on the child site sharing profiles.

To configure for profile import

  1. Open the Manage > Flow tab

  2. Enable the User Profile Flow switch

  3. Select the hours you want profiles to be processed. Recommendation is to processes once or twice a day.

  4. Select Enable enhanced security to apply additional security to Logs.

  5. Enter an email address to be notified if there are issues processing profiles.

  6. Select one or more Pre-import groups. These are used to pre-populate user profile properties to allow terms to be associated to people using property filters.

  7. Enable the Feedback Flow to receive emails when feedback is captures. Emails will be sent each hour for feedback added in the past hour.

  8. Enter one or more email address to receive feedback notification emails.