App Upgrades

Periodically, the app will need to be updated to deploy new features. The upgrade process would be based on how the app was installed.

Manually Uploaded App

Compliance Tracker 365 can be upgraded by uploading and overwriting the App Catalogue.

If the app is checked out after uploading, check in the latest version.

By SharePoint Store

First, open the classic experience of the App Catalogue (June 2024 - Modern experience upgrades are not supported).

Selected the Compliance Tracker 365 app then click Files in the ribbon and select Update Store app. This will update the app used by sites referencing the catalogue. If the tenant app catalogue is used, generally no other changes are needed.

Major version changes

If a new major version of Compliance Tracker 365 is release indicated by a change in the first number, the app may need to be update in each site collection to deploy features.

To do this, open each site where the app is deployed and open Site contents > Compliance Tracker 365 > Details

From Details click Get It

Troubleshooting App deployments

Very occasionally, SharePoint Online glitches may occur in the update process. Review these point help troubleshoot and fix the issue.

  • Check the ClientSideAssets library in the App Catalogue site for a folder with the GUID 57b99b96-6fc5-4ea2-ab48-aa8c54f69c2d (library found at ../sites/AppCatalog/ClientSideAssets/)

    • If the folder does not exist, delete the App from the AppCatalog library, then from the recycle bin and second level recycle bin the site.
    • Finally, upload and redeploy the app.
  • After the app is deployed, you may see the old version running in the browser intermittently for a couple of hours. Compliance Tracker 365 is designed to work across different versions during this period.

  • After the app is deployed, you may see web parts fail to load. Try to press Ctrl+Shift+R in the browser to reload the current page, ignoring cached content.