Create targeting Terms

Compliance Tracker 365 uses simple tags (also known as ‘terms’) to target content to people. Each site collection in SharePoint can use different term sets to support a wide variety of business uses. Term groups and term sets, used to store the tags, can be created in the current site. These terms are only used within the current site, or at the tenant level for sharing across sites.

To start, lets create a new site collection-based term set and add a term called ‘All Staff’.

Learn how to manage Term Set roles and permissions here

Site Collection term group

Minimum permissions: Term Store Contributor

Open your site as a Site Collection Administrator and navigate to Settings > Site Settings > Site Administration > Term store management, or replace “myTenant” and “mySite” below and copy the link.

Tenant Name: Site Collection:

Under Site level term groups, click Add Term groups

Site collection Term store image

Enter the name of the term group, in our example we’ll use Compliance Tracker 365.


Once created, click the 3-dots next to the group and select Add term set, create ‘Tracker Terms’ and finally click the 3-dots to add the ‘All Staff’ term.


The ‘All Staff’ term will be used to create profiles for ‘All Staff’ and target mandatory and optional content to these people. Next, we’ll deploy the optional Power Platform Solution to manage Profiles.

You have view-only access to the term store properties

If you see the message “You have view-only access to the term store properties” and are unable to create a Site level term group, take the following steps as a site administrator…

  1. Start to create a new site column by opening the following link from your SharePoint site
  1. Scroll down to select a Term set and choose Customize your term set. This will create you a new Untitled term group.
  2. Once created, close the page and head back to the Term Store Management.

Global term group

Minimum permissions: Term Store Contributor
Global terms groups are created and managed in the same way as a Site Collection term group however they are tenant-wide and can be shared across multiple sites. For Compliance Tracker 365, this means you can create Profiles in one sites and share them with others. Useful when content is targeted to common terms such as roles, departments and locations.

When using a Global term group, make sure that everyone has read access to the parent site managing the Profiles. This is needed to ensure individuals can see their own profiles which are used to check for documents.