Terms are used to connect people to content. Where they intersect, content is targeted.

Compliance Tracker 365 is flexible in its tagging approach. Terms can be used to identify the people being targeted or the content being distributed. This section includes term ideas and concepts which may be of use.


Also called a team, department or division, these tags can identify a person’s area, the owners of content or who needs to read the content. The use of the terms needs to be considered to be used correctly.

  • Operations | Engineering | Production | People and Culture


Could be a workstation, machine, room, office, building, campus, city, region, country, or all of the above. Use the tag to join people who work in a specific location with information related ot the location.

  • Sydney | London | New York | Paris | Shanghai


Used time-based tags to highlight content based on timelines.

  • Week 1 | Week 2 | Induction | Long Service

Position or Job Role

Use traditional role-based tags to highlight content based on what people do or their role.

  • Manager | Supervisor | Operator | Trainee

Training Course

Tags related to training topics or courses can be used to target material to ensure people are competent in the job. Training plan and program hierarchies can be created, with courses and people assigned to the relevant plans.

  • Working at heights | Smelter safety | Bribery and coercion


Subject based tags are used to link content to people based on something they possess or are responsible for.

  • Vehicle | Credit Card | Firearm | First Aid

Combination hierarchy

Join tags together to form hierarchies using multiple terms. Useful when granular tagging of content is required.

  • Sydney > Operations > Trainee
  • Shanghai > First Aid

Only one term set can be used per site. If content needs to be targeted in multiple ways, the term set may need to include multiple hierarchies.
This approach is supported but should be used careful as it may cause complexity in tagging.