Setup Steps

Compliance Tracker 365 is developed for Microsoft 365. All users with profiles will need to be licensed to use SharePoint. This is included as standard in most Microsoft 365 licenses.

Install the latest version of Compliance Tracker 365 from the SharePoint Store or contact us for a version to install to your site collection App Catalogue.

You can chose to deploy Compliance Tracker 365 globally (tenant deployment) or locally (site collection deployment).


The following is a list of steps to setup and install Compliance Tracker 365:

  1. Deploy Compliance Tracker 365 to an App Catalog.
  2. Walk through the steps to Add App to Site.
  3. Enable User Profile Import feature by enabling SharePoint API Approval (optional)
  4. Setup All Staff Tag
  5. Walkthrough the steps to deploy Power Platform Solution (CTSGAddUpdateUsers)
  6. Configure Compliance Tracker 365 - using the configuration page.
  7. Activate Compliance Tracker 365 on target Libraries