App tab is used to reconfigure pages and settings should web parts get removed by accident.

App setting are available for:

  • Run setup - Used to repair missing pages and web parts
  • Debugging - Used to help troubleshoot but may show popup messages.
  • View logging - Only disable if view logs are not required.
  • Data interception - Used to speed up page loads. Only disable if loading issues experienced.
  • Library integration - Displays a Compliance Tracker 365 in the library toolbar to open the Info panel on a file and the Management page when no files are selected.
  • Reset reports - Use to reload the latest set of standard reports.
  • Remove all profiles - This moves all profiles and import terms to the recycle bin. Import terms can be restored if needed.
  • Reset - Removes reports and settings to allow Compliance Tracker 365 to be reconfigured. No tracking data is lost.

If the Management page (or …/sitepages/CTFiles folder) is removed by accident, take the following steps:
As a site owner, open the CT Config list from Site Contents ../Lists/CTSGConfig
Create a new Personal view to see the entries in the lists
Add the Key and Value columns to the view
Delete the PageConfigured Key and open a page with the My Reads web part and click the configure link