My Reads

The My Reads web part can be added to any page to display content to be read or it can be accessed from …/SitePages/CTFiles/My-Reads.aspx in any Compliance Tracker 365 enabled site.

The web part can be placed in any column and will adust itself appropriate for the device in use. On a multiple column layout, the left side of the web part displays terms and the right site displays content that needs to be read.


Any content which has been read can be accessed under the Contents I have read tab.

Search can be used to filter on the Name of both Content to read and Contents I have read.


Terms can be selected and the Name, Modified and Site columns can be sorted.

The refresh icon in the top left can be used to refresh content displayed in the web part. A full refresh is also carried out one per day to ensure any missed content is displayed.


Missing content?

All content displayed in My Reads uses SharePoint search. Search work by indexing content which has changed. This background activity can take from a few seconds to a few minutes. If targeted content is not displaying after a few minutes, check the following:

  • Ensure pages and documents are published. Only published content is indexed.
  • Ensure matching terms have been applied to the content. My Reads is configured to only show matching Mandatory terms and non-hidden tracker by default.
  • Ensure content is not already read. Only unread content is displayed in My Reads.
  • If a document has multiple matching terms for a person, only the first matching term will be displayed. The document only needs to be read once by the person, not for each matching term.