Add a Quiz

Use a Quiz to confirm people have really read and understood content. Each targeted document or page can be setup with a quiz. To create a quiz:

  1. Set the Tracker Type to Quiz on the page or document.

  2. Open the page or document from the Info option in a library, or select Info panel from Tracker menu.

  3. Click Quiz Panel button.

  4. Add a title, description, and image if available.

  5. Select either a single choice Radiogroup or multiple-choice Checkbox question. Add the questions and multiple answers. Use the green + or red – to add and remove answers.


  6. With the question selected, add the score then click Change Correct Answer to select the single or multiple answers. For multiple choice, all must be selected for the correct answer.


  7. Add additional questions.


  8. Click the quiz settings icon to set the quiz pass mark.


  9. Click Save and Publish


If you are adding a quiz to a file in the File Reader page, ensure the file is in View only mode. If the file is being edited, the Quiz will not save.