This page covers warning messages and troubleshooting tips.

Messages and warnings

Wait: Access to the management page is currently blocked as configuration information is missing from search results.


Compliance Tracker 365 leverages SharePoint’s inbuilt search indexes to retrieve data. For new sites, search may take up to 1 hour to start to index content. During this time, a message is displayed in the Management page blocking access to prevent configuration issues. Once indexes are in sync, the message will be cleared. For existing sites, the message should clear after a few seconds.

Warning: Configuration index not in sync. Documents may not be indexed until message disappears.


When minor configuration changes are out of sync, a message is displayed in the Management page. Compliance Tracker 365 can be update but some changes won’t reflect in the app until the indexes are updated. This usually only take a minute or two.

You can continue to configure the Compliance Tracker 365 by adding a license, terms and profiles. Content can be tagged for reading BUT results will not show in My Reads until the message disappears.

Once the message disappears, results should be displayed correctly under Reports > Summary report details and Reports > Search index status.


User profiles are returned by search. If the search index is not up to date, you will see a warning message. Click Skip search check to load profiles directly from the profiles list. This may take more time but it will ensure the most up to date profiles are used.

It looks like there was a small glitch. If you see this again, please contact the site owner.


This message is displayed if the reader does not have contribute access to record their read.

The Visitors group is automatically granted access to the CT Log list as part of the setup or individual are granted access to folders as part of Enhanced permissions when enabled in Flow.

If the message continues, check Visitors have Contribute access to the CT Log list.

If Enhanced permissions are enabled, reset permissions on their log folder.

  1. Open the CT User Profile list from Site contents in the site that manages profiles. You can find the profile management site under the Management > Terms or Management > Profiles tab.
  2. At the top of the page in the CT User Profile list, search for the user name/email address of the person seeing the message.
  3. Open their profile entry and remove the text from the User Details. This will reapply permissions next scheduled run.
‘Site Pages’ can’t be found. Setup stopped.

Compliance Tracker 365 needs to be installed in an English language site collection. Sub sites can be created in local languages.

General troubleshooting

Expected documents/pages not displayed in My Reads web part.

Check the following:

  • Tracker type is not set to hidden. Confirm by looking at the Tracker Type value in the library.
  • Make sure the document or page is published as a major version.
  • Mandatory or Optional tags are set correctly for the reader. Confirm by looking at the Mandatory or Optional in the library.
  • That the file has not already been read. Look for the file under Contents I’ve read.
  • Make sure readers have access to content. User Profiles do not automatically grant permissions to content.
  • Make sure content is indexed. Check the expected number of profiles and documents are displayed under Summary report details in Management > Report. If content is missing, you may need to wait, republish pages or raise a support ticket with Microsoft.
No terms available for selection under the Mandatory or Optional fields

Use Manage > Terms to configure and select the terms set.

Use Management > App > Reset to update Compliance Tracker 365 configuration

This will open the My Read page. Click the reconfigure option at the top of the web part.

Restrictions and limitations

Compliance Tracker 365 only supports English site collections.

Compliance Tracker 365 needs to be installed in an English language site collection. Sub sites can be created in local languages.

Hub Visitors group

This group will be configured to used CT365 in English language deployments. For other languages, applying the Hub Visitors group as a contributor to the Log list if used.

PnP Search Extension error

Error: Missing helper: “getReadDate”
Check you are using the latest version of the search extension ( and PnP Search (

Home pages do not appear in My Reads

This is a limitation of SharePoint search. Trackers can still be added to home pages of sites, but they will not be displayed as targeted content in My Reads.