Enhanced security

Compliance Tracker 365 stores all content securely in SharePoint. By default, log data is hidden/obscured but in highly sensitive installations, where members of the site must never see each others information, extra security can be applied through the Profile Management Solution configured from the Management > Flow tab.

With Enhanced Security enabled, access to a persons Log folder, which stores their read information in a site, is restricted to the individual plus site Members (Read permission) and Owners (Full Control permission). If a report viewer roles is assigned to a Visitor, they will not be able to see other peoples records. Logs can only be updated by the individual and Owners, to Review feedback and Revoke reads.

Without Enhanced Security enabled, records can be viewed by Visitors with the Report viewer role. Logs can only be updated by the individual, not other site visitors.

If you see the following message, there a likely a problem with permissions.


This problem may resolve itself next schedule run. If not, follow Troubleshooting to check permissions in the User Profile list.