When deploying Compliance Tracker 365, you will need to ensure that you have enough access to your Microsoft 365 tenant to deploy the App and configure related SharePoint features that the Compliance Tracker 365 leverages.


The following are the minimum permissions an account will need to install the Compliance Tracker 365 and related components:

  • SharePoint Administrator + User Administrator or Global Administrator role, to approve access to the Microsoft 365 APIs (Optional but recommended). Learn more of this feature here
  • SharePoint Administrator role, to set up an App Catalog if not created. See Tenant App Catalog and Site Collection App Catalog for more information.
  • A user that has at least a Power Automate Free license to deploy our Power Platform Solution.
    • A service account that has access to the site collections for the solution connectors during deployment.
  • Term Store contributor permission level in the Term Store, to update and create All Staff Tagging
  • App Catalog site collection Full Control permission level, where you plan to upload the Compliance Tracker 365 SharePoint package
  • Site collection Site Collection Admin, in the site collection where you want to add the Compliance Tracker 365 app

Learn how to assign/verify Admin roles to a user here
Learn how to set SharePoint Permission levels here
Learn how to manage Term Sets here

Depending on your setup you might restrict your account(s) used for the deployment to using the lowest privileges (Power Platform Administrator and SharePoint Administrator) to deploy, or just use an account with Global Administrator role assigned to do it all.