Add App to Site

Minimum SharePoint site permissions: Site Collection Administrator

If you are creating Site Columns in a modern Team Site (which has an associated Microsoft 365 Group), you must be a Site Collection Administrator explicitly. This is to ensure the crawled and managed properties appear correctly in the search schema.

Learn how to set SharePoint Permission levels here.

Once Compliance Tracker 365 has been deployed to an app catalog, you can add the app to a specific site.

  1. Navigate to the Site Contents page in the site you want to add the app to.
  2. Click the New menu towards the top of the page and select App from the list of options. site contents - add an application
  3. If you cannot see the Compliance Tracker 365 app, check that it has been deployed to the site collection’s app catalog or to the tenant app catalog.
  4. Click the Add button for the Compliance Tracker 365 app. Apps you can add - Compliance Tracker 365
    After a short delay a confirmation message will be shown on the top of the page and the button will change to “Added”.
  5. Check that the lists have been created in the site collection before navigating to any page to configure the app. Site contents - lists created

Return to Home to complete

  1. Once the app is fully deployed, open the home page to configure the Compliance Tracker 365 app. Site contents - application added