Deployment options

The Compliance Tracker 365 application can be deployed to either a Tenant App Catalog or a Site Collection App Catalog. The following sections will help you decide which option is best for you.

Tenant App Catalog

The Tenant App Catalog is a central location for administrators to manage and deploy custom apps. There is only one Tenant App Catalog per tenant. Apps deployed to the Tenant App Catalog are available to all sites in the tenant.

If you are a SharePoint Administrator, you can access your Tenant App Catalog by following the steps below:

  1. Open or navigate to SharePoint admin centre > More Features
  2. Click the Open button under the Apps heading.

Click here for steps to deploy Compliance Tracker 365 to the Tenant App Catalog.

Site Collection App Catalog

Rather than deploying to the Tenant App Catalog, a SharePoint Administrator can create an App Catalog for an individual site collection. Once created, users with full control access to that site collection can add and remove apps for that site collection.

This option is useful if you want to limit the availability of the Compliance Tracker 365 application to a specific site collection.

If you are a SharePoint Administrator, click here for the steps to create a Site Collection App Catalog

Click here for steps to deploy Compliance Tracker 365 to an existing site collection App Catalog.

More information about Managing Apps using the App Catalog can be found here