To complete the setup, select a Term set, create Profiles, apply a License.

The Management page can be found at (replace “myTenant” with the name of your tenant and “mySite” with the name of the target site collection.)

Tenant Name: Site Collection:

This assumes that the app is installed and configured. If the page cannot be found, review Add App to site steps as the click here link may have been missed in a previous step.

Search indexes not in sync.


If you see the message Wait: Access to the management page is currently blocked, this indicates that SharePoint Search still needs to index the sites content.
If the site is brand new, this message may take up to 60 minutes to clear. Existing sites should cleared within a couple of minutes. The block is used to ensure the site is accessible to search before setup.

Search index status

Compliance Tracker 365 uses search to query targeted content from across the tenant. Search index status performs a check to see if there are any obvious issues with the search service. Index issues are often resolved on their own.

Reindex of individual libraries can be requested from the Library > Settings > Advanced Settings > Reindex List button should the message persist.